Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Start Your Own Online Home Business With A Money Making Site

Keen to start your own online home business and generate an income from home, but not sure where to begin? Or perhaps you have already tried a few online opportunities but have yet to make money online!

In the past I have fallen for the hype and wasted a lot of money because I really did not know what I was doing or did not have the experience and knowledge to put everything together to make an online home business work, so here are some tips to start your own online home business off on the right foot and how to make money online.

When you think about it, having a successful online business means that you will need to own your own domain, which will enable you to alter, add to and change your web site when necessary. You ideally need the opportunity of offering a free newsletter that visitors to your site can subscribe to, so you will require an autoresponder to be installed and a series of follow-up emails will need to be written. You will require products to sell and ideally you need to use companies who ship the goods on your behalf, otherwise you will need to get involved in accepting payments and shipping the goods, which you will have had to purchase first yourself. These are only a few of the basics and one can see that it can be very involved and complicated.

But let us look at what else may be required, just so that you are fully aware of what starting an online home business is all about. Owning your own domain and having access to your source code gives you the freedom to do what you like to your site, which means you have control of your business, but this will require knowledge of html. Internet Marketing is another animal altogether! You need visitors, lots of them, to your site to generate signups and sales, so ideally the online home business opportunity should offer a full training program and a forum where you can go to discuss your business, get assistance and ultimately you can offer help to others.

The ultimate of course is to find a business-in-a-box. This means that your website will come fully set up with the affiliate programs loaded and you will be able to select your own domain name and then be in a position to add any other programs to the site. The all important autoresponder should also be installed and ready to fire off emails to your subscribers, plus you will be able to add more follow-ups to your autoresponder.

You will be able to install a link exchange program to create linking partnerships, a stat counter, add banners or text links, change the colour and design of your site, choose your keywords and optimize your site for the search engines, link your blog to your site, add an article directory, stream fresh content onto your site, upload ebooks, software and more. Literally, you can do whatever you want as you have full control of your own online home business.

You may well be thinking that this is all too complicated and you do not have the knowledge, but that is the great advantage of joining an online program that sets your money making site up for you and with a comprehensive training program in place and an active forum which you can join and actively participate in, you will have all the help you need.

Starting an online home business does not mean that you are going to be generating an income immediately. You need to give yourself time to work through the training, learn and implement all that you can. It is a step-by-step process that takes time but each step you take builds your business. The marketing and advertising of a web site needs consistent, ongoing work, as you need to build momentum to ensure that your money making site is visible to as many people as possible.

If you have decided to start your own online home business you are in for an exciting time. You will experience frustrations and setbacks, but these can be overcome with the support and backup. The secret is just to press on and never quit. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. The learning curve may be steep, but work hard and have fun and once the momentum kicks in with your marketing and advertising you will start to make money online and reap the rewards of all the hard work you have put in.

By Cynthia Minnaar via GoArticles.

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Cynthia Minnaar invites you to visit www.cyns-home-biz.com for ways to generate income online. Start your own online home business with a money making site complete with 400 day pre-written email autoresponder campaign.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Generating Internet Income? Utilise These Great Free Webmaster Tools

When looking for free webmaster tools, my advice to you is to be sure that you are using tools from a reputable site or, more importantly, if you are downloading software be very careful that the download does not contain adware and spyware or viruses for that matter!

On that note let’s start off with the free software that you can use to protect your computer, because if that is not running well you will not be able to run you online business successfully. Windows Defender from Microsoft is great at scanning your computer for unwanted software. The free version of AVG Anti-Virus as well as Ad-Aware SE and Spybot are great at keeping your computer free of viruses and other undesirables! The free version of ZoneAlarm has many great attributes. Just a word of warning if you are running AVG anti-virus, ZoneAlarm will not detect that you have anti-virus protection, so do not be alarmed, it is just that ZoneAlarm has not been programmed to look for AVG. The one program I did purchase was ProcessGuard, which amongst other things protects my computer from keyboard loggers, protects the physical memory, blocks global hooks, blocks rootkit/driver/service installation and registry DLL injection. These programs all run harmoniously on my computer and so far I have managed to keep out all the dangerous and unwanted intruders.

Now on to the more exciting free webmaster tools, that will greatly assist you in the running of your online business.

Google Alerts can really add excitement to your day. If you set up a Google alert for the name of your affiliate program/s, Google will advise you by email when a new page appears on Google with these search terms and you can view the page and see if it is an opportunity to recruit an affiliate. Sometimes the new page can be a forum post asking for opinions on the affiliate program. This gives you the opportunity to add your opinion with your affiliate link of course in the signature file.

You can also set up a Google alert for your own name. This throws up some really exciting results as you can see when someone has clicked on your profile in an Article Directory or clicked on your articles as well as where people have clicked to find out what other articles you have written. This is definitely worth trying as I am sure you will be both surprised and amazed at what comes up!

Google Webmaster Tools, previously known as Google Sitemaps is so useful in that you are able to let Google know when you have updated your site. The sitemap enables Google to crawl your site better and ensures that the most current pages of your site are indexed quickly. You can just create a sitemap upload it to the same directory as your .index files and in the Google Webmaster Tools under Add a Sitemap you just type in or paste the url of your new sitemap. Google also give you reports on their latest crawl of your site and notifies you of errors, as well as give you details and positioning of your keywords. There is also other really useful information available.

Google Analytics is an amazing free service where you can see exactly where your visitors came from both geographically and through which entry page, what keywords they used, where they exited your site, etc. You will have to give this one a try for yourself as there is just so much useful information for the webmaster which enables you to fine tune your marketing and promotion strategies.

StatCounter offers a free version which I use on my site and I keep it invisible, as I believe it to be more professional, but this free service also provides incredibly detailed information about your visitors, which is extremely useful. It also records your page loads, unique visitors, first time visitors and returning visitors. It is easy to install and with this powerful little tool you can check to see that visitors to your site are increasing daily.

Online Link Popularity Tools and Back Link checkers are easily available online and enable you to monitor your link popularity and back links on a regular basis. Writing and publishing articles regularly is a great way to see your back links increase on a daily basis.

These are only a handful of the free tools that I do use to assist me with my online home business. There are many more really useful tools provided by Google as well as other reputable sites, it is just a matter of finding what suits you and your business.

As traffic is the key to generating income from the web, these tools that I have mentioned assist me in closely monitoring where my traffic is coming from and what keywords are being used.

By Cynthia Minnaar via ArticleCity

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Cynthia Minnaar works from home online and invites you to visit http://www.cyns-home-biz.com for ways to generate income online. Visit http://www.cyns-home-biz.com/pips.html to start your own web income generating website complete with 400 day pre-written email autoresponder campaign.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Get A Life Full Of Passion, Start Your Own Home Internet Business

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced business person or a total novice. You can take advantage of a home Internet business. Normally you set up your business from the comfort of your own home. You can start at a very modest budget.

There are many advantages coming with a career as a Internet business owner. And the requirements you probably have already.You'll need a well equipped computer system connected to the Internet.

Dedicate a corner in your living room, or if you have a spare room, as your work space. And most important, your home Internet business will crave 100% commitment and dedication.

You'll find a lot more opportunities than stuffing envelops, paid surveys or affiliate marketing. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's possible to earn money with these type ventures, especially affiliate marketing. The important point is that you must find what fits you and your personal skills.

You don't need to make any big investments to get started with your Internet home business. If you're new to the Internet business idea, you must start with a serious research. Spend some time to find available opportunities. Evaluate them, keep the ones you think is genuine.

Now you have to get in contact with people who have already tried your possible opportunities. If none of them succeeded, well then it might be a fraud, skip to the next possibility. Carry on until you find something that actually work.

The world wide web has opened a whole new world of possibilities for people who want to escape the never ending 9 to 5, Monday to Friday routine. Including spend a lot of time commuting. The Internet offers a possibility for anyone to work from home. And the web is truly world wide, You'll reach people from all over the globe 24/7.

The idea of your Home Internet business comes with a lot of benefits, such as, your choice of working hours, you'll be able to schedule, so you can spend more time with your loved ones. The time you used to spend traveling to and from work, will be a free time resource.

The possibility to start your own home Internet business may be what you've been looking for. If you are a self starter, want to take your own decisions, and work when it suits you. Well, then it might be a perfect fit.

If you have strong motivation and a burning desire to be your own boss, and have some spare money to get you going. Take the plunge.

If you don't have any financial reserves, you can start part time. Just do your research first, make sure you jump on something that really work.

You will face some obstacles and temporary setbacks, but your new lifestyle will be well worth it. The freedom itself is reason enough, then add all the other benefits, and you have a very valuable package.

You might not become a millionaire, but to gain the possibility to work from home with something you're passionate about, and make a good living from it. Well, what more can you ask for?

By Ove Nordkvist via GoArticles

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Ove Nordkvist's web site http://www.small-biz-ideas.net is all about small business ideas and business start up, online as well as offline. Visit http://www.small-biz-ideas.net/home-Internet-business.html to learn more about how to start a home Internet business.

Friday, November 10, 2006


I learned about ReviewMe from one of the Yahoo Groups that I subscribe to. I know I have not written original content substantially lately. Maybe this is the start of a more frequent posting from this blog.

Ok. So I created an account in ReviewMe and here's what I learned so far. ReviewMe is more like PayPerPost. And while PayPerPost leaves out the parts of the world that are not eligible for having a PayPal account, ReviewMe caters to everybody with a valid address that is reachable by their country's postal service. This is where PayPerPost went wrong. And, I bet, this is where ReviewMe is going to win this internet review market. There are just too many people who can write better who are scattered around the globe.

After I created my account, which is the most painless process I went through this month, I added some blogs I though advertisers would want to be reviewed. Freelance Pro are one of them. Be aware, though, that the site/blog you are registering should pass their criteria. Bottomline is that you need to have already an existing site with good amount of traffic and ranking to pass. There are other factors, of course.

As with all the sites I joined. The next I look for is the FAQ page. I cannot find ReviewMe's FAQ page but I learned a good deal about them in their blog. I found out that their only requirement, so far, for writing is to disclose that post's as a review.

There's not much to say about ReviewMe for now except that they've just launch their service yesterday (Nov. 09, 2006). What a way for freelance writers to earn some more from their god given talent.

Oh by the way, this is a review of ReviewMe.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Damn the Scams!

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the majority of us hate our 9 –5 jobs. We hate the rat race. We hate someone telling us to do this and that. We hate been told what time we need to be somewhere in the morning and what time we may leave. We hate been told what we are worth in terms of the salaries we get paid. We hate been told that we can only have so many days holiday a year. We hate long hours, too much stress and time away from our families.

Is it any wonder why millions of us are crying for a way out by searching for work from home opportunities? It’s not called the employment trap for nothing!

It’s another unfortunate fact of life that certain individuals and organisations are very quick to realise this fact and so begin to perpetuate their work from home scams.

If you are at all like me, you would have come across these sorts of work from home operators many times. The results are loss of money and an ever growing cynism with regards working from home. Most people give up after a few times of been conned into believing that they can make money from home.

Fortunately for some, the desire is so great to avoid the employment trap and to work from home that they continue to search and search until they do find an opportunity worth pursuing. Not all opportunities suit all people. When you come across one you think may be worthwhile it is of absolute paramount importance that you do your due diligence and research. It is only after this that you are in a position to make a judgement call. Always consult with your lawyer if huge sums of money are involved with regards start-up costs. Go on to forums and see what people are saying. One word of warning though – a lot of forums are filled with the sort of people who will be negative about every sort of opportunity. This is mainly because they have had bad experiences in the past and really do not believe that there is any suitable work from home opportunities out there.

The key to finding a work from home opportunity that is genuine and suits what you are searching for is to be persistent, never give up your search, be a healthy sceptic and to always do your due diligence and research.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to learn from those that have been where you are and have come out the other side successful and fulfilled in their home working life.

By Stuart Ramsay via ArticleCity

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Stuart Ramsay has successfully fired his boss and enjoys a new life working from home. He is passionate about online business and shares his passion with others. To find out more and receive a free work from home newsletter & bonus, please visit http://www.officialwealth4u.com.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Rid Yourself of the Receipt Pile

How many of you have a shoebox of receipts that you go through at the end of every year? Do you pay an accountant to go through those receipts for you? You already know how important it is to keep track of those receipts and take each and every deduction you can. Below are some tricks that I use so that when tax time comes, I don't spend hours getting ready to do my taxes or have to pay someone to organize FOR me. My hope is to make your "tax life" a little less stressful.

Organizing receipts throughout the year:
1)Get a plastic expanding file folder with 10 20 pockets and self labeling tabs in it ($9.00 $15.00 @ Staples)
2)Make sure it is easy for YOU to open and close. Most have an elastic band that is easy to use.
3)Create tabs for each tax category that you will have receipts for (see list of possible categories below)
4)Put the file folder in a place where you'll see it and use it!!
5)Whenever you take receipts out of your pocket, wallet, purse
etc... place it in the appropriate pocket in your file.
6)At the end of the year, you have two choices.
a)put all receipts in corresponding manilla folders and place into a tax box
b)bundle each pocket with a rubber band or paper clip. label them with sticky notes and put them in the last 2 or 3 empty pockets.

If you REALLY want to be organized:
1)Create a spreadsheet to track all of those receipts
2)Every time you get a receipt enter the amount, description and tax category into your spreadsheet.
3)Then file the receipt away
4)At the end of the year, you can print out your spreadsheet and put it with the bundled or filed receipts.
5)If you have a PDA, there is a software program called QuickOffice, that I highly recommend. You can take any MS Excel or MS Word document with you on your palm (some PDA's come with a similar program).

What about that pesky mileage report?
Do you have a PDA? There are many different software programs you can download. Go to http://www.handango.com and type in "Mileage" for your search. There are programs starting at $5.00.

If you are PDA less, then there are several options.
1)store a pad of paper in your glove box with several pens
2)get one of those pads you can stick to your dashboard
3)log it in your day planner or calendar that you carry around with you.

Tax Categories to file under:
(these are taken from the IRS Schedule C form, choose the ones you use) Advertising
Commissions and Fees (you know all those Coaching Associations you belong to)
Contract Labor
Depreciation (most electronics get depreciated)
Legal and Professional Services
Office Expenses
Pension and Profit Sharing Plans
Property Rental or Leasing
Equipment Repairs and/or Maintenance
Taxes and Licenses

For more information on these categories go here:
http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs_pdf/i1040sc.pdf. Starting on page 3 you'll see the EXPENSES information. The actual form is at http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs_pdf/f1040sc.pdf.

By Kirsten Beireis via GoArticles.com

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Kristen has had several careers before becoming a VA. For Kristen, being a VA is not just about completing tasks. It's about helping Coaches succeed so that they may help more clients with the amazing work they do. For more information, go to http://www.vi