Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Carpet cleaning?

How much time and money have you wasted self cleaning your carpet and rugs? Freelancers like us, though have flexible time to work, should avoid mixing home work and professional work. We have better things to do than banging, foaming, and spraying carpets in our front yard. Let the professionals do it.

You have invested quite an amount of money on your carpets. Don't ruin it by cleaning it harshly. Those expensive persian rugs do have some special procedure requirement. And stop buying expensive off-the-shelves carpet cleaning liquids.

Anyway, a list of carpet problems was forwarded to my email. If your carpet exhibit these signs, you may need to call professional help: carpet cleaners San Diego for instance have a couple of good ones.

  • Dark line around room perimeter, stair edges, under doorways and drapery.
  • Spotty brownish appearance in parts of the carpet.
  • Brownish to yellowish discoloration of the carpet or a yellowish color on the tips of the fibers.
  • Yellowish to brownish discoloration on the carpet.
  • Gradually evolving yellow discoloration. Carpet slowly losing its color to a yellowish tinge. Ionic optical brighteners are agents used to convert invisible ultraviolet light to visible light, which increases apparent brightness.
  • Yellowing of carpet in traffic areas around entrances and exits especially from parking or street areas.
  • Shows as a lighter area on the carpet surrounded by a darker ring.
  • Carpet has light or dark spots in random locations.
See, what did I tell you? Those things only professional carpet cleaners can do.