Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Freelancing Gigs: Be an SEO Part 1

First and foremost if you are already doing SEO skip this post you're better off optimizing sites than reading this post as you already know all that will written here. For others who aren't please read on.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, you optimize websites to rank better in search engine result pages (SERPs). Please be guided that SEO is different from SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEO is just a subset of being a SEM. Anyway, for starter we'll just take on SEO.

There is no formal way of training to become an SEO. SEO learn by reading lots and lots of articles on search engine optimization, search engine algorithm, basic web design, copywriting, link building, some hacking and others which are beyond the scope of this post.

SEO is increasingly becoming popular in this age of internet. More and more companies are started online and there are others that are converting or getting their business in the web. And for this companies to compete, they are in constant need to advertise. Just like television, the basic premise they have for internet advertising are the same. More airtime the better - more eyeballs the better. In television or print, advertising firms manages the ads. Online, it's the SEOs/SEMs.

With just declared online advertising expenditures of companies shows that they are increasing year after year, more and more SEO jobs will be needed to fill the demand. SEO can never be automated. It require thinking. SEO is beyond spamming. Best strategies out there doesn't utilize spam bots, they use humans who are able to workaround search engine constraints to deliver the desired result.

What's good about being a SEO is that it's perfect for freelancing. SEO work doesn't require fixed time. You work when you feel best, when you feel inspired, motivated or when you just thought of new ways to put a site on that top position in SERPs. However, to become an SEO, you will be needing a mishmash of skills to achieve your goal. You need a little knowhow of everything. SEOs are train to be well rounded.

Actual SEO on the Part 2 of this post.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Getting Started on Freelance Copywriting

You may not believe it but with the re-emergence of the internet from late 1990's and early 2000 dotcom crash, copywriting is one of the most sought after job online. Every company online needs a good copywriter to their webpages and ads. And they do it often.

Copywriting as you know is a skill. It is learned over time. There's no magic involve, just perseverance, some brain and a dash of luck. If there are tons of online copywriting jobs wanted, beware, there are also tons of sites offering to get you started copywriting.

All the tools you need to get started copywriting might already be available to you. If you are reading this article now, then you are well equipt to get started. First, you need to read some good copywriting article. You need to learn from those who had succeeded. You need some footsteps to follow.

Of all sites that I have visited on copywriting one of the better ones that I have come across is How to Get Started as a Freelance Copywriter. And for those who have a general idea or is already practicing copywriting, I strongly recommend Copyblogger.