Saturday, December 22, 2007

Personal Injury Case

This one we should all be aware of. We have a right to file for personal injury claim at any time we are harmed by another person or company. Personal injury cases are not only limited to car accidents, slip and fall injuries or work injuries. One basic criteria to know if you can file a claim for personal injury is if the other party was negligent. Negligence is to act with reasonable care. So when someone was negligent and as a result you were harmed, chances are you might have a personal injury case.

To actually know if you have personal injury case is to talk to a personal injury lawyer. You lawyer will be evaluating your claim if you can recover from personal injury case. He/she will, at the least, prove three things: that you have suffered damages, the other party was negligent and that negligence was the cause of you damges. Of course there are other things to consider whether you can collect from your personal injury claim or not. The best way to find out is to talk to a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers handles wide variety of personal injury cases. They even handle negligence cases that don't actually involve personal injuries. If you're not sure about your claim, it's best to talk to one. They have answers to questions like: how much is your personal injury worth, whether you get a compensatory or punitive damages, why you shouldn't deal directly with insurance companies, or what's the likelihood that your case will go to trial. These are the questions that only personal injury lawyers can answer.