Sunday, August 20, 2006

How Does It Feel To Be A Freelancer

When you are freelancing, everything that you do are attributed to you. When you succeed, you get all the credit. If you fail, you get all the blame and you have no one to pass that on.

Most of my life I was freelancing. I take orders from no one. Everything is based on what I think is right. There are other factors that affect my decisions and they are not from other people. They are objectives. Something you can readily weight and it's determining value does not change much over time.

So how does it feel to be a freelancer? Great. You always get the bragging rights to your work. Being your own boss has its own perks but here's a list of what I feel being a freelancer.

  1. You are always right.

  2. If you are wrong, nobody's going to tell you're wrong. Except yourself.

  3. You get to give your utmost attention because you only work when you feel like it. You only work when you feel the energy within you.

  4. You value your work highly. After all you get all the credit afterwards.

Here's the greatest downside to being a freelancer. You run the risk of losing everything everytime. One wrong step in the wrong direction can send you falling down faster that you can say Ugh. While you enjoy the reputation due to past successes, that same reputation can be your stumbling block. You see, in freelancing, your reputation is what brings you client. Much like lawyering. If you're not careful those papers you hang on the wall is only good for wiping you behind.

In closing, I feel proud freelancing. Yeah, it's the thought of being free that carry me through near impossible projects.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Freelance Gigs: Web Design

One cool freelance gig you can go into is Web Design. If you enjoy mixing and matching colors, photo editing and layouting you can never go wrong with Web Design. Web designing has been a staple internet revenue generator ever since the internet went public in the mid 80's.

Web Designers are like fashion designers. The obvious difference is that web designers make clothes for sites while the latter for humans. Differences aside, they both aim to make clothes that'll make someone - somesite in the case of web designers - look good.

Getting into web design business, some basic tools are: a good image/photo editing software, popular browsers (firefox, IE, Opera), and a good PC. A good book about html and CSS is a must. People have a penchant for standards compliant design nowadays.

In web design, you should learn the language that browsers understand: the Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. Browsers can understand plain text, of course but then again it wouldn't be fun if you site lack form and color. That's where HTML comes in. It gives your HTML document a structured form and colors that pleases the eyes.

The one site that taught me a lot about HTML is After you've mastered the basics, use it as a reference. And don't forget to validate your site in W3C markup validator if standards compliant designs are your thing.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Develop A Home Based Business That Works!

Internet and home based businesses have virtually exploded since the 1980’s. To have an Internet presence these days for most companies is not just a desire, but a requirement for any company serious about attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Even home based businesses have benefited from the Internet revolution. Today, payments can be made online and a person may never have to see, or even talk to, a real person. What a change from the old days, when one had to either speak with someone on the phone or live in a particular city to buy a product or make a sale! These days, anyone can have a home business and be successful, if they have the right systems and support in place.

Now, even small home businesses can put the power of the Internet to work for them. And you, as a savvy Internet Marketer and someone with a home based business, can and should put it to work for you. The days of having a home business with a “tangible” product and maintaining inventory (which is riskier), are just about over. That is the old way of developing a successful home based business. Now, you no longer have to spend thousands on advertising, and you don’t even have to consider print, radio or TV ads. The Internet has changed all that. What you do have to do is market your home based business wisely online.

The Internet is open 24/7. That means that anyone, anywhere in the world can visit your website or buy your products at any time. Your home business is your livelihood. This means that you need to be smart about how you manage your limited time and resources. As far as your home based business is concerned, this means having your sales and advertising systems on autopilot so they don’t require any driving from you. It also means separating the customers that are serious about buying your products from the “tire kickers”.

There are really only a few systems on the market for home based businesses that can save you valuable time and money by doing the advertising and sales work for you. Even fewer will send you real, targeted, qualified customers. But you don’t just need a computer system for your home based business, you need someone who will take you by the hand and show you the ropes. Many companies will sell you an Internet home business system. Not many will actually show you how to make it work for you. You need to find the one that will, because the success of your home based business depends on it.

By Elias Georgi via ArticleCity

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