Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Freelance Gigs: Web Design

One cool freelance gig you can go into is Web Design. If you enjoy mixing and matching colors, photo editing and layouting you can never go wrong with Web Design. Web designing has been a staple internet revenue generator ever since the internet went public in the mid 80's.

Web Designers are like fashion designers. The obvious difference is that web designers make clothes for sites while the latter for humans. Differences aside, they both aim to make clothes that'll make someone - somesite in the case of web designers - look good.

Getting into web design business, some basic tools are: a good image/photo editing software, popular browsers (firefox, IE, Opera), and a good PC. A good book about html and CSS is a must. People have a penchant for standards compliant design nowadays.

In web design, you should learn the language that browsers understand: the Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. Browsers can understand plain text, of course but then again it wouldn't be fun if you site lack form and color. That's where HTML comes in. It gives your HTML document a structured form and colors that pleases the eyes.

The one site that taught me a lot about HTML is After you've mastered the basics, use it as a reference. And don't forget to validate your site in W3C markup validator if standards compliant designs are your thing.


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