Sunday, August 20, 2006

How Does It Feel To Be A Freelancer

When you are freelancing, everything that you do are attributed to you. When you succeed, you get all the credit. If you fail, you get all the blame and you have no one to pass that on.

Most of my life I was freelancing. I take orders from no one. Everything is based on what I think is right. There are other factors that affect my decisions and they are not from other people. They are objectives. Something you can readily weight and it's determining value does not change much over time.

So how does it feel to be a freelancer? Great. You always get the bragging rights to your work. Being your own boss has its own perks but here's a list of what I feel being a freelancer.

  1. You are always right.

  2. If you are wrong, nobody's going to tell you're wrong. Except yourself.

  3. You get to give your utmost attention because you only work when you feel like it. You only work when you feel the energy within you.

  4. You value your work highly. After all you get all the credit afterwards.

Here's the greatest downside to being a freelancer. You run the risk of losing everything everytime. One wrong step in the wrong direction can send you falling down faster that you can say Ugh. While you enjoy the reputation due to past successes, that same reputation can be your stumbling block. You see, in freelancing, your reputation is what brings you client. Much like lawyering. If you're not careful those papers you hang on the wall is only good for wiping you behind.

In closing, I feel proud freelancing. Yeah, it's the thought of being free that carry me through near impossible projects.

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