Saturday, October 06, 2007

High Speed Internet

I'm trying to consider Comcast Cable Deals for my high speed internet needs. My internet connection has been too intermittent recently that pushing updates to my client servers has affected badly. Update script executing stops in the middle of the critical procedure resulting to corrupt files most of the time. These are the times when you wish it didn't started updating at all. Trying to pickup where you left off isn't a desirable to be in.

Anyway, the Comcast Cable offers: Comcast's Bundled Service Plan seem to fit my home entertainment and work needs. It got digital cable, highspeed internet and digital voice bundled in one plan. It will be saving me $200. With that amount I can get a second new 19in LCD monitor.

Another bonus is that for all of that Comcast Cable sends only one easy to read bill. I'm a sucker for simple things so a simplified, unified and a easier to understand billing statement wins. It saves me from the hassle of paying three different products at three different billing cycle.

Currently here are the prices for their services. Digital Cable starts at $33 per month with $75 credit cash back. High Speed Internet plan have prices starting at $33 per month with $125 rebates and a FREE modem. Digital Voice also starts at $33 per month with $25 cash back and has only 1 rate for all your calls so you won't overwhelmed when the bill arrives.

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