Thursday, April 06, 2006

Freelancing Rates

Do you ever wonder how much to charge for your work or services? Yeah, it's tough decision to make. Charge too much and clients scampers away. Charge too low and you are working for nothing. If you are experiencing this anxiety, it is time to create a price matrix for your work/service. Sure, there will be times that you need to compromise and charge a bit higher or a bit lower. It all depends.

Also depending on you expertise, the rates vary. As a HTML Coder, you cannot expect to charge the same rate as your EJB programmer friend. And also, it adjusts to the level of mastery you have over your skills.

Webmonkey have a matrix that details freelancing rates depending on their skillset:

Writer (Technical)US$35 to $100
Writer (Non-Tech)$300 to $1,000 per piece
(or $.30 to $1 per word)
Editor$35 to $75
Copy editor$25 to $50
Producer$50 to $125
Information Designer$50 to $100
Interface Designer$30 to $75
Graphic Designer$50 to $150
Animator$50 to $150
Straight HTML Coder$10 to $30
Advanced HTML Coder (CSS, dHTML, etc.)$20 to $50
Programming (everything from Javascript to backend)$100 to $300

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